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Frequently Asked Questions

All I need is a logo or a few marketing pieces. Can you help me?

At Sarah Holley Design, we believe in a holistic approach to branding. We believe that the best visual identity’s are the ones that are consistently and professionally reflected across all mediums and devices. Because of this, we do not offer the sole service of logo design. We do, however, offer logo design with the purchase of our “Brand & Web Design Package,” which has everything needed to create a completely custom and comprehensive visual identity.

What If I need other services not listed under “Services”?

Every project is different and has unique needs. We are here to meet your needs and provide you with everything your project requires as best we can. If you need additional services beyond what is included in our packages, please let us know when you reach out to us. We will set up a consultation to discuss all of your needs and provide you with a separate quote for any additional service requests.

What platform do you use to build websites on?

After much research, we are happy to exclusively use Squarespace to host and create all websites, blogs, and online stores. Squarespace is a template-based website provider that is the most intuitive and user-friendly option we have found. With every project purchase, we'll walk you through the Squarespace platform and answer any questions you may have. Squarespace also has an extensive “Help” section and video library that is sure to solve any concerns or technical issues even well after the project ends.

How does payment work?

Our payment process is broken up into 3 payments throughout the course of your project. Before your project begins, a 33% deposit is required upfront to secure a spot in our schedule. The second payment of 33% is due at the start of your project. The remaining 33% of the project fee is due at the completion of your project before any files are handed over.

I can’t invest in branding right now, what do you suggest?

It's great that you recognize the importance of a professional brand! Even if you cannot invest in a full brand right now, there are still things you can do to give your business a professional mini makeover. First off, we recommend filling out our "Brand Discovery Questionnaire" to help focus the ideals and direction of your business. We also wholeheartedly recommend making all of your visual elements consistent. This means that typefaces, colors, and images match across all mediums (print, web, etc.). If you do both of these things, it will make a profound impact on your brand.